The Self-Destruction of Modern Liberalism

Earlier this week, a professor came under fire for tweeting that Black Lives Matter was a racist organisation. The ‘liberal’ section of the Internet quickly responded by doing what they do best: silencing his… Continue reading

CNN and the MH370 Phenomenon

CNN has been speculating on the Malaysian Airlines crash on their front page for, I think, a whole week now. Have you ever seen such poor journalism, at least since that Boston terror… Continue reading

Bill Nye plays chess with a pigeon… and loses.

BIll Nye is my favourite science guy, and of course I mean him no offence, but I think his decision to take on Ken Ham in a public AIG debate was a terrible,… Continue reading

Same-sex marriage Legalised in NZ


This will probably offend some people. However, may I be permitted to speak my mind freely? I’m not sure which is more abhorrent, the psychotic mentality that drives men to commit “vile acts… Continue reading

Pope’s resignation

Big deal. Another nutter will get elected because in order to qualify for popeship you’d have to be a nutter. And you wouldn’t conceive of becoming one unless you were a religious nutter… Continue reading

What I’ve learnt

Over the past four years of blogging I have learnt a few things about the religion. I’ve learnt that people are willing to justify their faiths at the cost of all reason. I’ve had… Continue reading

No moral person should be a Christian

I was half-expecting to get some answers to my previous question, but owing to poor Christian readership of this blog, I think I may as well skip straight to the point that I… Continue reading

A Question for Christians

Out of curiosity, if God appeared to you and told you to kill your own child, would you do it? (Don’t say God wouldn’t, because He did.)

  • What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence." - Hitchens
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