Christians (atheists welcomed): Did I get this right?!

It’s pretty hard to get my head around this thing.

So God created us, and gave us free will, but tests our faith, and if we fail the test we go to hell, and god shall not be tested, but he loves us, but will send us to hell anyway, but if we love him we’ll go to heaven, which is a place he created, where you’ll meet him and live happily forever, while your atheist neighbours burn in hell, but love your neighbours, anyway…

Fine. But so why did he create us in the first place?

Jonny: It’s hard for anyone to get their head around it. It’s a question of the meaning and the ultimate significance of existence. I could conjecture all I want, but I really couldn’t tell you why God created us in the first place (I’m an atheist, I’m just trying to relate to you a bit better) because he never reveals his purpose in creating us. Christianity really doesn’t make much sense to me anymore as it brings up too many paradoxes and questions like this.