Eternal life, doesn’t that sound a tad boring?

Ok, guys. When you say that after you die, you’re going to “be with God forever”, how exactly does this work?

There are going to be millions and millions of Christians, and only one God. How long would you need to wait in the queue to have a bit of God’s love?

What is so cool about eternal life? And how exactly do you think it works? I’m 15 years old and I’m already bored to death. Imagine being an infinity years old.

And what is there to do, float around all day? If you dislike the atheistic idea of death, is eternal life actually any better?

Some light on this matter please?

Lucid: Imagine that you could live for eternity; that you would never die. You would eventually reach a point where you had done everything you could ever do, held every thought you could ever think of, had every conversation you could ever have with every person that you would ever want to talk to. And then you could do it all again, a billion times! And after doing it for the billionth time… you would still have an eternity left to go.

Eventually you would become so bored that you’d be wishing for your existence to come to an end.

Fortunately, we are all mortal, and we will all die soon enough. Granted, it would be kind of fun to live for a really long time and see where the human race eventually goes… but eternity? I would think that after the first few million years you’d get bored. The next 800 quadrillion would be really painful. And the next… Well, you get the idea.

Donna also made me think of something, imagine that it’s the Christian vision of the afterlife, part of having infinite time on your hands (as alluded to above) would be doing all the things you’ve never done before, how long do you think it’d be before you make a mistake and commit a sinful deed? Or, how long until, out of sheer boredom, you willingly throw yourself into hell, just for a change of pace?

And for those who believe it’ll be perfectly and infinitly blissful, obviously you’ve never subsisted on (what was) your favorite food for a week. Nothing, no matter how wonderful, remains so when it’s at your convenience, only rarity makes things special.

Follow up question:
Eternal Life: “Beyond space and time”?

Obviously it is not beyond space or time,
as God created the world in 6 “days”.
Obviously God’s time is measurable.

So eternal life is really going to be boring. Isn’t it?

(One Creationist ‘logic’ deserves another.)