Why is it that people who tell me not to believe in a successful THEORY…?

…believe in a failed HYPOTHESIS themselves?

Werdna: I must admit it was enjoyable to see the terms used somewhat correctly. They believe in the failed hypothesis because it keeps them mentally stable.

Bear: A failed hypothesis is one that has been discredited, Can you tell me how God has been disproven? Give some facts to validate that

Wise Duck: Bear, he means that creationism has been falsified.  The concept of god itself makes no testable predictions and thus cannot be disproven. Evolution of course is quite useful and makes many accurate, testable predictions.

hello love: Because people are ignorant and will do anything to change someone’s mind. This usually involves them criticizing you for your beliefs when they have no backup whatsoever for theirs. <33

Liberal Ass Kicker: You’re getting tired. Go to bed. Your theory can fail whether I hypothesize or not.