The Judeo-Christian God is Dead

This is a rather late notice, but here it is anyway: 150 years ago, the Judeo-Christian God died.

When Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species, he was fully aware that it would dramatically change the world (which is why he was for a long time very reluctant to have it published). And to my understanding, it was this book which killed the Judeo-Christian God; I’ll tell you why.

Religions depend solely on holy books – for they are, as the religious would claim, the true words of god. If a holy book is falsified, then so is the god who wrote it [or inspired other people to write it for him]. For this very reason, I pronounce the Judeo-Christian God dead.

The story of Genesis runs at odds with evolution, and since evolution is a fact – as well as a theory, then Genesis is wrong. Straight off the first chapter, we find the author mistaking the method by which he created life on earth. This of course could only mean two things: 1. he is a liar or 2. he is not really god; and if he is a liar, then why call him god?

And if the story of Genesis is not supposed to be taken literally, then what is the use of having a holy book at all? So that people could cherry-pick off it at his own liking? And how does the believer know which bits to take literally and which to not? Is Christ really coming back, or is that just metaphorical too? What about heaven? For all we know, everything could be a big fat metaphor!

cosmic_manChristian arrogance at it’s best.

Therefore the Judeo-Christian God is dead, because evolution falsifies the very first chapter of the book. But here is a point that I must stress: evolution does not invalidate the possibility that there is a deity; which is why I said “The Judeo-Christian God is dead”, not “God is dead”.

Just while I’m at it, I’d like to make a few other bold claims. A person cannot call himself a real Christian and still believe in evolution. The true Christians are the creationists; which makes like 80% of you guys FAKE. The Bible is there to be followed, not to cherry-pick from or to try and mould to fit with REALITY. If the Bible says humans began with Adam and Eve, then humans began with Adam and Eve! There is no other way around it.

My point ultimately is this. If there is a god, then it wouldn’t be the Judeo-Christian God – got it? There are thousands of gods out there to pick from; don’t restrict yourself to one that is already dead – it’s just so redundantly fruitless. Give the other gods a chance. Take a wild guess, you might just be lucky. Zeus, Thor, Ra, just pick one! As for me? I’ve already placed my bet on the one and only true god; and his name is the Flying Spaghetti Monster. May the sauce be with you. RAmen.