Creationist Stupidity: Dog-did-it…

Genesis 1:24: “And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.”

(Just when you thought the crocoduck was bad…)

Akay, first thing’s first: SPECIATION.  Speciation occurs when a population of a species becomes separated, eg. by geographical barriers, and evolves such that it can no longer interbreed with its parent population.  Given enough time, and under the right circumstances, species can and will become separated.  See evidence.

Time is crucial, and the creationist will certainly say: “evilutionists use time to avoid the fact that dogs will always be dogs …  Well, let’s see if I can draw a workable analogy – “boys will always be boys, but given time they will become adults” (which is not too good an analogy since many adults behave very childishly indeed – see creationists.  I suppose in evolutionary terms it’s a case of vestigiality).  Microevolutions add up, to a point that speciation occurs – voila – macroevolution.

No, we evilutionists are not telling you that “given enough time”, a zebra could mate with a rhino.  That is missing the point of evolution entirely, and the fact that the audience laughed made me kind of sad…  There’s just so much ignorance.

If only you had bothered to click my link, you would see observed instances of speciation, and realise that it is highly possible.  Speciation is a fact and it explains the phylogenetic tree of life, otherwise there would simply be one lineage and we would not see the large variety of living organisms as we do today. To see speciation of large organisms like mammals we would need to give nature time – remember that nature had more than 3 billion years to trail humans out of the dismal primordial soup.

By the by, dog-breeding is an example of artificial selection – it is evolution in which, if you like, we play God.  Evolution in nature is pretty much the same thing, only nature does the picking… and nature has no foresight.

If you’re by any chance a creationist, and the video above made perfect sense to you, please (for your own sake) go to my Common Misconceptions About Evolution article and scroll down until you see the crocoduck.  Do the world a favour and break your own bubble.

PS: Check out this kid.  Boy do I feel smart all of a sudden…