The virus that disproved Darwin (says the creationist)

Only yesterday a new virus was discovered, called the Marseillevirus.  It is one of the largest known virus, ever.  The virus was spawned from amoebas, and contains a genome of 368,000 base pairs, as well as a minimum of 49 proteins, and some mRNAs.  The complexity of the Marseillevirus seems to imply a different creative mechanism, which is really great for science as we are constantly discovering new things.  Oh, the creationists are already picking on the virus?  Not surprised.

Evolution has been disproven.  We’ve found a new complex virus Darwin never thought about.  So, a hundred and fifty years of research and evidence is going straight down the drain.  Can you believe the utter IGNORANCE of these creationists?  A new virus was discovered, and scientists are thrilled to discover its mysterious origins, and the creationists are already claiming it as evidence for an intelligent designer.  Oh, right.  God intelligently designed a… a virus that might kill us all.  But enough of that for now.

Back to our story.  Scientists know that amoebas have bad eating habits.  They eat and eat, and they absorb anything from viruses to bacteria to prokaryotes.  Sometimes the food survives, and the amoeba becomes an ‘incubator for genetic remixing’, giving rise to all sorts of viruses and genes.

“It’s 200 times bigger than the human genome. It’s a whole world in there.  We have this idea that everything is derived from something with very old roots. But there is still creativity going on, creating new origins.” – Didier Raoult, French microbiologist

But does this discourage Darwin’s theory of evolution?  Not the slightest.  The amoeba has a genome 200 times bigger than ours and that proves intelligent design?  This discovery takes science forward, and I am happy about it.  If the creationists aren’t going to contribute to the growth of knowledge, they could at least keep their mouths shut.

“How they evolved is a scientific mystery, but Raoult thinks that prokaryotic forerunners of modern amoebas may have provided the necessary incubators for eukaryotic evolution.” – Tudor Vieru, Science Editor