There is no God.

Theists seem to have a problem when I say “There is no God”.  Since I don’t know for sure that “There is no God” somehow they feel as though it is not logical for me to say it.  And from my observations there are two types of atheists: those who say “There is no evidence for a God,” and those who take a step further to say “There is no God”.  I am now of the latter kind.

If anything is illogical, it would be the claim that “There is a God”, because there is certainly no evidence of a God, much less evidence of God over Allah or over Zeus.  The fact that a lot of people believe in God does not make God a fact.  Once upon a time a lot of people believed that the earth was flat or that the sun went around the earth.  When the scientific opposition raised their findings they were persecuted by the church.  So the former kind of atheists are right.  There is no evidence for God’s existence.  Period.

Now I will take the claim further.  There is no evidence for a God, comma, therefore there is no God – at least until his existence is proven so.  I refuse to believe in unicorns until they are proven to be real.  I say “There is no God” in the same manner that I say “There are no unicorns”.  Since there is no evidence for a unicorn, then for all I know unicorns don’t exist.  I cannot prove a negative, but I believe I can make the assertion without being illogical.  The real illogic lies in fact with those who claim that “unicorns exist” without providing any sort of evidence.

It is not illogical for me to say “You haz no baseball!” 
You have to prove it first since you made the claim.

Faith is not factual evidence.  It is some sort of subjective deduction, based on different holy books and it cannot be held as universal proof of God’s existence.  While you have been personally brought to Jesus a Muslim has been brought to Allah.  I am not interested in personal truths.  There is no such thing as a personal truth.  These are called opinions, or beliefs, but not truths.

Admittedly, it is not too scientific for me to say “There is no God” or “There is no Lochness Monster”.  However, when I do say “There is no Lochness Monster”, I do not say it with utter certainty.  I am 99% sure that there is no Lochness Monster.  I am 99% sure that there is no God.  I am 99% sure that there is no microscopic Martian in my basement — There is no microscopic Martian in my basement.  It is an unscientific claim but I am willing to defend the position.

Science provides an objective measure and an objective account of reality.  Although scientists refrain from calling their theories “truths”, science gives us the most current understanding of our universe.  I hope, for the sake of humankind, that it would be harder for a rational person to deny science, because science is based upon empirical evidence and observations.  Denying God, on the other hand, is not that hard at all.  There is no God — not until you show me the evidence.