Personal God means Imaginary Friend

Yes, to have a “personal relationship” with God means to make God whoever you want him to be.  Some people make their God to be all loving and nice, others make him to be like a dictator, whilst some even believe that God talks to them and sends them out to do bad things, that murdering his own children is God’s will, or blowing up other people makes God proud, etc.

In other words, God is your imaginary friend.  God can help you with your family and financial problems, but he can’t save the 20,000 children who starve to death everyday.  The only reason God seems to know you so well is because you know yourself.  He’s all in your mind, and I dare you to prove otherwise.  It’s actually a great comfort to have an imaginary friend.  Children have them all the time.

Theistic religion, in essense, is the irrational worship of Imaginary Friends, and guess what, my Imaginary Friend is real, and yours isn’t.  Not a single religion provides any evidence.  I’m right but you’re wrong, but wait, I can’t really prove it, just read my Bible you’ll see.  Religious faith is the enemy of reason.  There is a book about my Imaginary Friend and it claims that it was inspired by my Imaginary Friend, therefore my Imaginary Friend is real.  I’d like to think that humans have evolved enough intelligence to notice that this case of circular reasoning is a terrible logical fallacy but I was wrong.  After all — if I may extend the analogy — some kids would rather cling onto the idea that Santa Claus is real than face the heart-wrenching fact that there aren’t any presents coming down the chimney this Christmas.