Wishful Thinking

Boy, how much I wish, that Santa would come down my chimney tonight and fill my stockings with iPhones and hundred-dollar notes.  I think I’ve been well-behaved this year, so Mr. Santa, I’ve e-mailed you my address and I really really hope to see you soon.

Boy, how much I wish, that I could eat as much ice-cream as much as I like and still not put on any weight.  People would enjoy life a lot more if they didn’t have to worry about growing a spare tyre.  Americans don’t seem to have to worry too much.  It’s perfectly common to be obese in America that people wouldn’t look at you with disbelieving eyes.

Boy, how much I wish, that the red buses would arrive at the stop on a 5 minute basis instead of 30.  And how so I wish that planes are ever early instead of delayed all the time.  A trip to the airport is a guaranteed disappointment in the making.  Delayed flights.  Crying babies on board.  Clearing the customs.  Security checks.  Baggage claims.  And the advent of mid-air collisions…

I hate airports…

Boy, how much I wish, that the world wasn’t so filled with poverty.  Tens of thousands of children starve to death everyday.  Build a single well and you could save hundreds.  And even if I donate it still feels as though I am not doing enough.  Amputees sick to the bones, begging for coins in a dark cold alleyway, whilst rich businessmen walk straight past them without even giving a glance.  What a sick cruel world we live in.

Boy, there are many more things that I wish to be true, but aren’t.  I wish that there were a loving God looking after all of us, and that after we die, we would live with him happily ever after in paradise.  Fairy tales like to end with “happily ever after”, but we know it ain’t so in real life.

Santa Claus isn’t real, and so there comes a time when a child must learn to face the facts and get on with life.  He must learn to enjoy every Christmas just as before.  When the child was young Christmas was about presents, now he must know that it is about family, and about spending your time with people that really exist.  The truth is rewarding.  I for one would rather face the facts than live a lie.

Obesity is a fact, and you either live a lie that it isn’t and you would eat yourself to death.  The truth is not dangerous.  It may be somewhat disappointing, but truth is truth and you can’t just pretend that it isn’t so.  I could pretend that my buses came every 5 minutes, but it isn’t so.  It might be comforting, but it would be a comforting lie, and I wouldn’t lie to myself.

 Dangerous Wishful Thinking

Poverty exists.  I wish it were blown from the face of the planet, but it just isn’t that easy.  We all have to help each other to bring poverty to an end.  Or, I could just pretend that it isn’t real.  But that’s a lie.  And lies are dangerous.

Just because you wish it so, doesn’t make it true.  We accept things on the basis of testable evidence.  What a terrible piece of arrogance to claim that there is a god, on the basis of your wishful thinking, and then condemn the disbelievers to eternal damnation.  Religion is founded upon wishful thinking.  I wish you had more logic in you.  I can wish, can’t I?

PS: Avatar was an awesome movie.