I am not afraid to burn in Yahweh’s hell.

When a Christian asks me, “Aren’t you afraid you might be wrong?” I do one of two things.  Either I respond with the classic Pascal “We’re both going to Allah’s hell”, or, if I’m in a sour mood I might just tell him “No, I am not afraid to burn in Yahweh’s hell,” and that Christian has every right to ask me “why?”.  So, here’s why.

Yahweh is stupid. – Only a stupid god would allow so much suffering in this world and still expect people to believe in him (or else).  The whole concept of original sin is even stupider but I won’t go into details since it was invented later.  Oh, and did I mention, Yahweh sent his child down to die to show us how much he loved his children.  It’s all sick really.

Yahweh is a dictator. – Only a dictator god would judge people by whether they worship him or not.  A better god would judge people only by their good deeds, not by their beliefs (seeing that he never provided any evidence for his existence to begin with).  A studious look at the Old Testament and you’ll be surprised to see how much Hitler-like Yahweh really was.  What!?  That baby doesn’t believe in me?  ZAP.

Yahweh is a control freak. – I am often accused of “taking the Bible out of context” but there is no out-of-context when God commands people to kill children and rape women because “they deserved it”.  The Bible was clearly written by man alone, but that aside I wouldn’t worship a sadistic control freak even at the threat of hellfire.

Yahweh’s people are (generally) idiots. – By this I don’t mean the ordinary everyday-life Christians, but the priests and the bishops and the popes, I believe, say the stupidest things.  After all, it’s tax-free stupidity out there, folks.

So, if 70% of the world are going to suffer eternal damnation, including my Buddhist friends (who, by the way, never did you no harm to deserve your condemnations), I wouldn’t mind going with them.  What a stupid god Yahweh is, and thank Allah he doesn’t exist.

PS: Before you accuse me of ignorance, I don’t care how you believe I should interpret your god.  I’ve read the Bible and this is how I interpret your god.  It’s like reviewing Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.  While utterly deluded girls (like you) might scream “OMG I LOVE TWILIGHT or OMG EDWARD CURRENT – I meant… EDWARD CULLEN – IS SO HOT”, a sane person (like me) would simply say “Omg, it really is stupid.”