My plans for 2010

Firstly, THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG and please don’t stop, because I don’t pride myself in talking to brick walls… at all.  I waste a lot of time (well, waste isn’t the word, but hey) writing this blog, around 1 – 2 hours a day, but it feels a lot better to know that I’m not just chucking these articles out into the void, right?

When I started keeping this blog I wasn’t quite a perfectionist about writing, but now it seems as if I dwell upon every single word and it’s time consuming.  I suppose it isn’t that bad given that it helps me with my writing.  God knows I might author a book one day. Yay!

For the last few months I have concentrated mostly on clearing up some major misconceptions about evolution and atheism.  As much as it seems to be the case, I don’t actually intend this blog for creationists because it’s pointless to intend anything for cretinists (they want the attention we can’t let them have it), I actually want to reach out to people who actually want to learn something — people with open minds — and although I seriously hope that there are some creationists who are willing to learn out there, I haven’t found one yet.   My readers should also know that I am in the process of learning as well (aren’t we all?), and I usually go to the library every one or two week — can’t go too often since I have to catch a bus to get there — and some of the stuff I say might be wrong, so please do filter and question everything I say, and do correct me if I say anything wrong.

I might be wrong.

Among the people I am constantly sick of, I absolutely abhor people who would deny hard cold facts just so that they could cling onto their Bronze-Age faith.  People like Ray “Banana” Comfort, Kirk “Crocoduck” Cameron, Ken “Vegetarian T-Rex” Ham or Kent “Down-right Retard” Hovind.  Yet I don’t really mind if they wish to dwell in their ignorance, the problem is they’re infectious, and moreover, they target children.  I still go to church and I know what Sunday School is like.  Brainless adults brainwashing children so that they could grow up to become as stupid as they are.  It’s a crime against humanity if I may say so myself.  And if you don’t agree with me you were probably brainwashed too as a kid.  My deepest condolences.

Heil, Hitler!

For 2010, I wish to continue in this fairly same direction, but under science I’d also like to tackle abiogenesis and possibly the universe as well.  It’s a big leap from biological evolution but I’m taking either physics or chemistry next year, so hopefully I’ll cope.  If you have any suggestions on what I should do or, if you have any subjects in particular which you would like to read about PLEASE let me know.  I’m slowly running out of ideas.

Seeing I might also be busy next year with my music, I invite you to blog with me, and I will put you on RSS feed if possible.  If I fail to blog consistently, which chances are I will, you can visit my friend Dakota Spann’s blog instead.  Logic is his forte and I wouldn’t know how axioms work even if they struck me in my god-forsaken face.  Oh, and it’s also funny how both of us are 15 and homeschooled.  I thank him for his clear logic and support.

Maths fail.

One more thing, you might have noticed that I’ve been tagging my articles mainly under Science or Atheism.  This isn’t getting me a lot of visitors, so I might have to add some more catagories.  I don’t know if adding more catagories will do any good (other than making my blog look darn messy).  But akay, I’ll have to think about it some more.

Well, that’s me signing off for 2009!  Once again thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!