Here, have a soup.

Akay, so here’s the Miller-Urey experiment on the primordial soup theory (no, you’re not supposed to drink it).  What they did was they tried to reconstruct the conditions of the early earth in the lab.  So they started with some basic H2O, CH4, NH3 and H2 right?  And they left the stuff to react in the flasks… and holy crap amino acids!  Here’s how it happened:

CO2 → CO + [O]
CH4 + 2[O] → CH2O + H2O


CO + NH3 → HCN + H2O
CH4 + NH3 → HCN + 3H2

 And then… 

CH2O + HCN + NH3 → NH2-CH2-CN + H2O
NH2-CH2-CN + 2H2O → NH3 + NH2-CH2-COOH

Omg I really suck at chemistry…  Therefore God is real.