I think travelling can cure religious closed-mindedness.

The one thing that is almost certain to cure religious closed-mindedness is a proper education, and travelling is a form of education.  Now, Ray Comfort flew all the way from New Zealand to the United States but he’s still pretty darned stupid, so I don’t guarantee that this will work for everyone.

But do travel.  And hopefully you’ll learn that the Tower of Babel is indeed a true story.  I’m just kidding.  Travel and place yourself among other cultures.  A lot of brainwashed religious nuts live in small or closed communities, and they home-school their children or send them to faith schools.  This is exactly what I mean by religious closed-mindedness.  If you’re parents are deeply religious and you are home-schooled, there’s a 99% chance you’re being brainwashed, sir.

I’m not going to ramble on about home-schooling here, I’ll do that in a different post later.  Anyway, I haven’t travelled much in my life, but I have a feeling that if I had the opportunity to travel, I would have doubted my faith a lot sooner.  There are tons of religions out there, many of which you would never never have heard of, and many of which are supported by more convincing ‘miracles’ than Jesus appearing on a burnt toast.  Scripture-wise, the Buddha makes a lot more sense than Jesus, trust me.  And Hindu creation myths are a lot more fun to read than Genesis.

Visit the slums.“Visit the slums…”

When you understand how cultures work – you will then understand how cultures might have developed.  Religion has been ingrained in our culture for so long, and understanding culture will help you understand religion better.  People still worship pigs and cows.  It’s just part of their culture.  Just like going to church on Sunday is part of your culture.

And if you’re a sad bugger like me and can’t afford the time to travel, then at least watch or read the National Geographic.  There are some crazy people out there doing the travelling for you, just so you could stay right in your living room!  Just how good is that!?  Mind you it’s never the same as going out there and doing the travelling yourself, but it’s a lot cheaper.

Visit the mosques, visit the temples, visit the palaces, visit the slums, visit the Natural History Museum, visit the Creation Museum…  Get out of your Comfort zone and see the world.  Haha, no pun intended there, Mr. Banana Man.

Oh, one more thing: Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton!