I don’t want to die.

Some religious nuts will ask me “Hey if you’re an atheist why don’t you just kill yourself – what does life mean to you anyway?” and I will just say to them “I don’t want to die.  Fack you.”

If when you die you get to see God, then by all means go kill yourself.  I don’t believe in an afterlife, therefore I don’t want to die.  Get it?  GET IT?

The meaning of my life is whatever I make of it.  You want God to be the purpose of your life?  Fine.  But don’t assume that your God has to be my God too.  People have lived a lot of meaningful life without going to church at all or praying the rosary.  Parents make children the meaning of their life.  Musicians make music the meaning of their life.  No, they’re not missing out on your imaginary friend’s love.  Actually, now that I come to think of it, you’re missing out on Zeus’ love.  And you’re missing out on Buddha’s enlightenment.

So, once again, with all due respect, fack you for telling me that my life has no purpose or meaning.