The world may not be flat, but the Universe…

According to general relativity, there are three possible shapes for the Universe:

  1. Closed Universe
  2. Open Universe
  3. Flat Universe (Euclidian flat)

Three possible geometries of the Universe

The spacecraft Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) measured the afterglow the Big Bang.  The results indicated that the Universe is flat (2% margin of error). 

The Boomerang balloon experiment in Antarctica captured the image of the microwave background, and compared it to computer-simulated images (see below) of what would be expected from a closed, flat or open universe.  The Boomerang experiment indicates that the Universe is flat.

Results from the Boomerang back Flat Universe theory.

I will not jump here to conclusions, because I am definitely no expert in this area, but I would like to show what this might mean for us, if it were true.  A flat universe, unlike an open or closed universe, does not need any pre-existing energy, therefore quantum fluctuations alone could have created the flat universe.  In other words, the Universe could have come from nothing.