No repeatable evidence, just repeatable lies.

Sometimes lies are repeated so often that they appear to be facts, but they’re not.  I’ve had the misfortune privilege to argue with some creationists on the Internet and it had occurred to me that creation (pseudo)science bases itself not upon repeatable evidence, just repeatable lies.

But first I want to also remind you that, since creationism has no theory of its own (T rex = vegetarian = NOT a theory), its best bet is to destroy evolution, so the lying begins.  Here goes (literally) nothing.

1. The theory of evolu…  You know what?  Screw it.  I’ll just link you to some other sites.  Cos I’m lazy cooley like that.

Now to the point I really really wanted to make.  Every single freaking creationist repeats the same god-damn lies.  How many times have you heard “There are no transitional fossils” or “Evolution violates the second-law of thermodynamics” or “Carbon dating is inaccurate” or “Evolution states that everything came about randomly” or {insert a Kent Hovind argument here}?  And those are just the basic ones.  There are literally hundreds of them.

Now, we know that the Piltdown Man was a hoax, so as a consequence we DON’T go about and repeat it!  But creationists repeat lies as if, the more they repeat it, the more they’d become true.  Bullcrap!  Unicorns are real.  Unicorns are real.  Unicorns are real.  Unicorns are real.  Guess what, UNICORNS ARE STILL NOT REAL.  And do you know why they all repeat the same lies?  Because they all freaking go to AnswersInGenesis!  Boy!  Am I so surprised!

So the next time a creationist gives you the business, here are some default answers that should definitely come in handy:

1. Transitional fossils are actually the…  SCREW IT.  SCREW IT ALL.  JUST PUNCH THE BASTARD IN THE GOD-DAMN FACE.

Nothing you say is going to get through to a common cretinist, much less any religious freak, whose brain which is already the size of a peanut (in whose jelly abiogenesis would never sink low enough to occur) gets constantly washed and re-washed every bleaking Sunday.  Screw it all.  I’ve had it with this IDiotic non-sense!

So, if I may.  Forget “If evolution were true, why are there still monkeys around?”  If evolution were true, WHY ARE THERE STILL FACKING CREATIONISTS AROUND?

PS: Yes, I’ve been watching the Angry Video Game Nerd.  Well, I’m sorry I got carried away guys… I’m in a bad mood today, I should be better by tomorrow, so come back then and forgive me for whatever I’ve said.

“The proper place for the study of religious beliefs is in a church or temple, at home, or in a course on comparative religions, but not in a biology class. There is no place in our world for an ideology that seeks to close minds, force obedience, and return the world to a paradise that never was. Students should learn that the universe can be confronted and understood, that ideas and authority should be questioned, that an open mind is a good thing. Education does not exist to confirm people’s superstitions, and children do not learn to think when they are fed only dogma.”

 – Tim Berra, Evolution and the Myth of Creationism