Rock-climbing fish?

Last year this month a fish was found that could HOLY CRAP CLIMB ROCKS.

A Sicyopterus stimpsoni goby is a fish about the size of your thumb, maybe smaller.  During migrations and all that, it climbs waterfalls and rock-faces several hundred feet high.  Holy crap.

“Hey, Bob, let’s go annoy a creationist!”
“Okay, Tim.  What a fantastic idea!  Wait a mo let me put my lungs on…”

Akay, I admit I’m kind of over-reacting.  This is actually old news and in 2001 (I think it was) they found a species of Characidium in Brazil which could climb rocks and waterfalls as well, so this isn’t really worth the wows.  But to finish the story, this is how the S. stimpsoni does the trick.  They “grip the surfaces with their mouths and a specialized pinhead-sized sucker on their undersides.” (Richard Blob, Clemson University – I couldn’t explain it better myself that’s why I quoted him).

“To test for predator effect on body shape, Blob and coworkers put S. stimpsoni gobies from Hawaii’s Big Island in tanks containing a major goby-eater: a fish called the sleeper, or Eleotris sandwicensis. When sleepers had caught half the gobies, a job that took about three days, the researchers measured the body dimensions of the survivors.   Gobies that evaded predators tended to have a greater relative body depth than usual, Blob reported. This shape makes it easier to generate thrust while swimming.”

Boy, aren’t they really, really sadistic? … That aside, this isn’t really a case of microevolution, it’s just plain old, boring natural selection, over a period of 3 days.  At least it shows you how natural selection really works.  If you think selection is a load of evilutionist propaganda and lies, then here’s an experiment you could do at home.  Get yourself a real hungry and angry dog, and let him loose at the kids in your neighbourhood.  Have a sample size of at least 30 kids.  I’m just joking.  Ten kids would do.  Bloody immoral atheists, lol.

So, yep… rock-climbing fish, in your face!  It’s not hard to imagine from here, how the fish could have crawled out of the sea in the first place (no, creationists, they didn’t just jump out of the sea, miraculously formed lungs and started breathing like land animals; they had to go through an Amphibian stage first) — of course it’s a different scenario altogether but I’m just trying to draw certain connections.  Speciation is propelled by small evolutionary steps – microevolutions, if you like – which result from exposure to certain evolutionary pressures (predators, climate, etc.).

Speaking of fish, I think I’m hungry for some S. stimpsoni n’ chips…