On Bullshit

Let’s be honest.  A lot of things don’t make sense when it comes to religion.  But maybe I’m just being naive or ignorant.  Or, maybe it’s all really just bullshit.

Let’s take Christianity for instance.

  • God creates world.  (Yes, by magic)
  • God creates man, for the following reasons:

God wants fellowship with you not because of what you are but because of what He is.

He is loving; He is giving; The best He can give is Himself; He has given you the Holy Spirit so that you might have God living within you; Not in a desert sanctuary or a stone temple, but in a living intimate way; You can know Him, experience Him, and feel Him; He made the universe for you; He created you for Him. – http://www.carm.org/christianity/sermons/1-corinthians-19-why-did-god-make-you

(Perfect candidate for an imaginary friend, right?)

  • God places the Tree in the Garden of Eden for no fucking reason.
  • God gives Adam free-will.
  • Snake comes out of nowhere to trick Eve.
  • Eve is fooled by the devil, and God, though omnipotent, didn’t see it happen.
  • Adam disobeys God.
  • All of Adam’s children are punished for his sin.

Obvious fairytale is obvious.

  • You have free-will, but if you disagree with God, you will be stoned to death.  See Old Testament.
  • God sends some bears to tear 42 children apart.
  • God floods the world and leaves the fate of humankind to incest, the perfect recipe for genetic defects.

Scientists know for a fact that two of each kind is certainly not enough to propagate an entire species.  There is not enough genetic diversity in small populations.  Even with their numbers in the thousands, some species are still considered endangered.  Of course, it’s in the Bible, therefore it has to be true.  Who cares what scientists have to say?  Trust God, don’t trust man.  Next.

  • God destroys the Tower of Babel because it was getting too close to Heaven.
  • God never prevented Apollo 11 from visiting his throne.  Though, I think he did blow up the Challenger.  Whacky stuff.

Obvious fairytale is obvious.

  • God makes up some weird shit that Jesus needs to die for our sins to be forgiven, like wtf, what’s the thinking here?
  • As to fulfill his own sadistic desires, God sends his own child (ie. himself) down to die (as to show us how much he really loves his children).
  • The only way to be “saved” from Adam’s sin (which you know nothing about) is to believe in a man who was nailed to a cross.
  • Oh, and some random man lives in a whale.

Obvious fairytale is still obvious.

  • Good news.  You still have free-will.  Yay!  However, if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, then you’re fucked.  Then why the fucking free-will in the first place?
  • God expects people to believe in a book filled with obvious fairytales.
  • Yet God provides no evidence of his existence.
  • God needs money.
  • God hates Harry Potter.
  • God hates fags.
  • God-followers deny scientific facts.
  • Tim Cooley goes to hell.
  • God gets the last laugh (says the good-hearted Christian).

If this is God’s divine plan, I am not impressed.

You can know Him, experience Him, and feel Him; He made the universe for you; He created you for Him.

Fucked up, right?


Fuck you then.