Why ChristianAnswers.net is stupid.

I was reading the article “Where did Cain get his wife?” on ChristianAnswers.net, and there was just bullshit, piling over some more bullshit.  Good news — I’ve read it, so you don’t have to.  I suffered for all your sins.  And after three days of mental recovery, I have finally resurrected to blow this bullshit out of the water.

I’m not actually interested in the Cain story, or how he established a city, or how the ‘city’ could translate to mean just an ‘encampment’, just to make the story sound a bit more credible.

Others have argued that because Cain built a “city” in the land of Nod, there must have been a lot of people there. However, the Hebrew word translated as “city” need not mean what we might imagine from the connotations of “city” today. The word meant a “walled town” or a protected encampment.  Even a hundred people would be plenty for such a “city.” – ChristianAnswers.net

Okay, and now explain where the “hundred people” came from.

I’m also not very interested in its childish attacks on evolution:

“Because of intense evolutionary indoctrination, many people today think that our generation is the most intelligent that has ever lived on this planet. But just because we have jet airplanes and computers, it does not mean that we are the most intelligent. Modern technology results from the accumulation of knowledge. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.”

Bullshit.  Hmm… and all this is supposed to have happened some 6,000 years ago, right?  Brain evolution was almost complete (at least, as we know it) half a million years ago.  Up yours for your ignorance of science.

Our brains have suffered from 6,000 years of the Curse (since Adam). We are greatly degenerated compared with people many generations ago. We may now be nowhere near as intelligent or inventive as Adam and Eve’s children. Scripture gives us a glimpse of what appears to be great inventiveness from the beginning.”

Okay, now where’s the evidence?  Do you know the meaning of the word evidence?  Evidence looks something like this.

Not this:

Ken Ham brainwashing our children.

But the part that really, really made me want to eat a baby rip my head off was this section, entitled “Biological deformities”.

Basically, ChristianAnswers.net made an argument that during the time of Adam and Eve, incest was no problem, because humans were still perfect.  Because they sinned, humans gradually became imperfect, and copy errors crept in at the DNA level, so genes now contain accumulative copy errors.  I seriously kid you not.  They actually came up with this shit.

“There is a very sound genetic reason for such laws that is easy to understand. Every person has two sets of genes, there being some 130,000 pairs that specify how a person is put together and functions. Each person inherits one gene of each pair from each parent. Unfortunately, genes today contain many mistakes (because of sin and the Curse), and these mistakes show up in a variety of ways. For instance, some people let their hair grow over their ears to hide the fact that one ear is lower than the other—or perhaps someone’s nose is not quite in the middle of his or her face, or someone’s jaw is a little out of shape—and so on. Let’s face it, the main reason we call each other normal is because of our common agreement to do so!”

“Adam and Eve did not have accumulated genetic mistakes. When the first two people were created, they were physically perfect. Everything God made was “very good” (Genesis 1:31), so their genes were perfect—no mistakes!  But, when sin entered the world (because of Adam—Genesis 3:6, Romans 5:12), God cursed the world so that the perfect creation then began to degenerate, that is, suffer death and decay (Romans 8:22). Over thousands of years, this degeneration has produced all sorts of genetic mistakes in living things.”

Ignore the pseudoscience.  (Yes, do let me remind you that what you’ve just read was just another religious fanatic’s pathetic attempt to reconcile blind faith with scientific facts… it happens in pretty much every religion, really.)  But obviously, the defenders of the literal Genesis had not a single clue of what genetic diversity means.  Why?  Because, lo and behold, Noah did the exact same thing again when the world (hypothetically) flooded.  He repropagated the human race, and hell, genetics would have been a big-as problem for this family.  No excuses here!  Right?

Oh… but wait — there’s still magic!  Anything is possible with God! … Abracadabra!  Problem solved!

Stupid is, stupid does.