I’ve been cursed by the devil.

The devil’s got me, at last.  I woke up this morning with a high temperature.  Sweating.  I think I’ve run a fever, or at least, I’m starting to.

So, what a perfect opportunity to tell you about fevers.  A fever is the body’s response to infection.  As to how I got “infected” in the first place, I have no idea, but I went tramping yesterday.  Anyway, some parts of the immune system work better at higher temperatures.  In other words, it’s my body’s way of fighting off infections, so instead of pouting and looking so feeble, I should be glad.  Yay, I’ve got a fever, and you don’t!

When a lizard gets infected, it crawls into warm places.  Because the warmer it is, the more resistant its body is to infection.  But there’s a tradeoff to this whole fever thing.  Fever could also be dangerous, because while warmth can make me more resistant, it can also favour microbial growth, in which case, the invaders will evolve a way to damage my immune system, ie. I am just really screwed, aren’t I?

Anyway, I feel like crap.  I’ve taken some pills, and I’m blogging now because I know this is going to worsen and I won’t be able to later.  Good night guys.