Intelligent Design as Archaeology?

I was reading from under the topic “Can Intelligent Design (ID) be a Testable, Scientific Theory?” by Rich Deem (the answer is a resounding no).  Here’s an excerpt for you.

The claim has been made that ID has no place in science and is never used in the study of science. This is not true. In fact, all of the following areas of science use evidence of ID as the major or sole means of study. Even though the designer is not a supernatural agent, but intelligent humans, the principles involved in studying these areas of science can be applied to the study of supernatural ID.

  1. Archeology: Is that rock formation natural or due to intelligent design?
  2. Anthropology: Do sharp, pointed rocks occur naturally or are they designed by intelligent beings?
  3. Forensics: Intelligent cause of death or natural circumstances?
  4. SETI: Are those radio signals natural or caused by intelligent beings?

I hope you can see how this argument fails.  Archaeologists deal with a known intelligent agent, ie. humans, and known mechanisms.  Archaeologists do not assume design, but they make inferences from what they already know about the nature of human designers; from history and from evidence.  To call the universe designed, to attribute it to an unknown designer and to unknown mechanisms, on the other hand, is not scientific, to say the very least.

Intelligent Designer