How Creation “Science” Works

1. Consult the Bible.

“Believing it. Defending it. Proclaiming it,”

2. Form conclusions based on the Bible.

“Genesis 1:30 states, <quote Bible here> – This means that even the T. rex before sin entered the world, ate only plants…”

– Ken Ham

3. Find supporting evidence.

There isn’t any.  Skip to 4.

4. Pick on controversies within the scientific community.

Scientists are uncertain what drove the Cambrian Explosion
therefore Evolution is wrong.

Scientists are revising the isochron dating method
therefore Isochron Dating is wrong.

Scientists are debating over the fossil Darwinius.
Evolution is wrong.

5. Do bad science.

I observe that the giant panda has pretty sharp teeth too
therefore T-rex could be vegetarian.

I observe that mountains are rugged
therefore global flood.

I carbon-dated a marine animal and got some strange results
therefore carbon-dating is wrong.

6. Don’t do science at all.

The bacterial flagellum is really, really complex
therefore Intelligent Design.

The human eye is really, really complex
therefore Intelligent Design.

Lightning is really, really complex
therefore Zeus, I meant, Intelligent Design…

7. Lie.

Darwin thought cells were merely blobs of protoplasms.
[citation needed]

Here’s a fossil disproving evolution.
[note to self: never publish this specimen] 

There are no transitional fossils.
[argument from ignorance]

The fossil Ambulocetus has no pelvis.

The geological column was created to fit with evolution.
[the geological column was laid out before Darwin’s time]

8. Appeal to authority.

Sir Isaac Newton was a creationist
therefore creationism isn’t stupid.

Dr. Kent Hovind has a Ph.D!
(Kent is also in jail for 58 tax offences. Tim, don’t do ad hominems… Tim.)

9. Appeal to emotion.

If we teach children they came from animals, they will behave like animals
therefore evolution is wrong. (non sequitur)

Without God, there are no set moral standards
therefore God has to exist. (non sequitur)

Darwin was a racist
therefore evolution is evil. (lies, and argumentum ad hominem)

10. Ignore contradicting evidence.


Ignore cladistics and phylogenetics ✔
Ignore transitional fossils ✔
Ignore the entire fossil record ✔
Ignore the geological record ✔
Ignore vestiges and atavisms ✔
Ignore evidence from biogeography ✔
Ignore evidence from embryology ✔
Ignore evidence from archaeology ✔
Ignore combined radiometric dating ✔
Ignore continental drift ✔
Ignore anatomical and molecular convergences ✔
Ignore parahomology ✔
Ignore evidence for speciation ✔
Ignore molecular physics ✔
Ignore genetics ✔
Ignore biology ✔
Ignore chemistry ✔
Ignore science ✔
Call creationism a “science” ✔