Evidence for God: Miracles

Well, I’ve got an interesting story today and you might be interested in hearing this one out.  Story goes like this.  This morning, I survived a plane crash!!!  It was a Boeing filled with 300 people and it crashed in the middle of the ocean and everyone died.  And those who didn’t die on impact froze and drowned to death.  Well, everyone except me.

Therefore, I see no reason why I shouldn’t thank God for saving my arse out there.  My survival was miraculous.  Nobody was aware that the plane was going to crash.  Three seconds before the crash my foot itched and so I reached down to scratch it.  So, unwittingly, I had put myself in brace position!  The crash was frightening.  Upon impact the plane ripped in half.  Miraculously my seat detached from the floor and I flew out.  I couldn’t swim but thankfully I was latched on to my floatable seat.  After three hours the rescue team got there and got me out of the water.  Although 299 other people died terrible deaths, my survival was definitely the work of a divine being.  So thank you God. 

Anyway, I should go.  I’m writing to you from the ER… just got out of coma, and I’ve lost an arm and both my legs.  Thank you so much God I love you so much cos being around you makes me warm and fuzzy and you’re always there for me but maybe just maybe I’d rather die and go live with you in heaven seeing now I have only 1 limb left and people are going to laugh at me when I get on the bus but it doesn’t really matter you’re the best love ya so much xoxo.