Epic Fail

I was at the Baptist church this morning where my baby cousin got christened and all that (I don’t usually go there since I’m a Catholic and I so don’t believe in all this Baptist crap, but duty calls).  Anyway, the pastor made an epic fail.  I know an epic fail when I see one.  First, he went on about how babies are the perfect gift from God (yeah right… they scream an awful lot, and worse, they stink… you even need to keep changing their nappies… well, that’s what I call perfection) so we should “dedicate” our babies to Him.  Then he gave a 2-hour long sermon, in which I almost fell asleep, until I heard the EPIC FAIL.

“Some people still believe in unproved theories…  [I’m guessing he’s referring to evolution.]  We as Christians do not believe in something just because we are told to.  Turn to 2 Timothy 3:16.  Here, the Bible tells us that…”


Church Fail

On the brighter side of things, tsunami hit this morning and I live to see another day.  Thank you, Lord.