An Interview with Dakota

I want to congratulate my friend Dakota for coming out of the closet.  I did an interview with him today.  This interview can also be found on his blog, click here!

Tim: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Freedo: My birth-name is Dakota Spann but around the web everyone calls me Freedo. I’m 15 years old. My two largest passions in life are philosophy and just making friends.

Tim: How long have you been an atheist?

Freedo: How long I’ve been an Atheist isn’t quite certain but the time at which I decided to no longer be Christian was on May 25, 2009. I became Atheist maybe a month or two later. Not even a year but it seems much, much longer than that.

Tim: Why did you choose to become an atheist?

Freedo: Why I converted from Christianity are separate reasons. But why I specifically became an Atheist was the irrationality of the concept of faith and the supposed morality of religion. I explain it further on my blog which you sponsor.

Tim: Tell us a bit about your choosing to “come out of the closet”.

Freedo: Just felt like something that needed to be done. I was tired of living a lie.

Tim: How did your parents react?

Freedo: Haven’t told my step-dad, he’s not really apart of my life. But my mother actually took it altogether pretty well. I drug it on for so long getting to the point that she saw it coming. When I finally said it she just calmly asked “why?”. But then as the conversation went on she got a little more emotional but not too bad.

Tim: Tell us about how you approached them.

Freedo: I just decided that today was the day. We had just had an argument about my schooling and she still wanted to talk about it. I went to mom and said ” I’ll talk with you, but I want you to come with me”. We took a walk to my well known “thinking area” down in the woods. We had our conversation about schooling, although my real intentions for bringing her there was to talk about my conversion. When that conversation had reached it’s end I almost chickened out if it weren’t for one little thing she said. “No matter what you do, I will always support you…that is unless you do something against God’s will”. I at first didn’t want to crush her feelings, which is why I had delayed it for so long, but after that I knew she didn’t deserve my sympathy.

Tim: How does it feel now that you’ve “come out”?

Freedo: It was extremely hard getting it out there but let me tell ya, I feel absolutely fantastic! A huge load has been taken off my shoulders.

Tim: Do you think other atheists should come out of the closet? Do you agree with the statement “the sooner the better”?

Freedo: Definitely. They should sooner or later, of course only you know when it’s the right time for you. There may be other things involved, so I don’t necessarily say sooner is better but in my case it was.

* * *

As for me, I’m still well in the closet.  Because I can take it, and I know my mother can’t.  But if you’re finding the closet uncomfortable, please do come out.   It’s for your own good.

Come out.  Reach out.  Speak out.  Stand out.