Evolution: The Great Fairy Tale for Grownups

So, I am on the Catholic Apologetics website, staring at an article by John Vennari, entitled “Evolution: The Great Fairy Tale for Grownups. Why Not Believe in Santa Clause, too?” I’ll admit that I knew the article was going to suck, particularly since Nr Vennari doesn’t even seem to know how to spell Santa’s last name correctly.  But I read it anyway, because I was bored, and yes, it really really sucked.

Now, I shall pick out all the FAIL in the article.

  • “What most people don’t seem to realize is that evolution is not a science. It is only an unproven theory…” FAIL
  • “Truth, the evidence against evolution is so overwhelming that it actually makes more sense to believe in unicorns or the existence of the Loch Ness monster (or Santa Clause…)” SPELLING FAIL
  • “MACRO-evolution is something quite different. It is the teaching that one kind evolves into another.” FAIL
  • The evolutionists teach that this one cell just came by accident – by chance – from a lucky mixture of gases and molecules and energy in a kind of primordial soup, in other words – from non-living matter. The key teaching of evolution, therefore, is that life comes from non-living matter.” STRAWMAN FAIL
  • “If this evolutionary process were true, and one species evolves into another over billions of years, there should be an abundance of evidence for it in the fossil record.” FAIL
  • “Every so-called missing link (Java-man, Piltdown-man, Peking-man, the so-called homo-erectus) have been proven to be either all ape or in the case of the “Neanderthal”, all man!” FAIL. WE ARE APES.
  • “This new theory says that evolutionary changes happened so fast they didn’t leave any fossils. In other words, this theory teaches that a reptile laid and egg and a bird popped out” STRAWMAN FAIL
  • “In 1985, a book was written called “Evolution, A Theory in Crisis”, by the Australian scientist Michael Denton. This book proves that Darwin’s theory of evolution has not been validated by one single empirical discovery of science since the first publication of Origin of Species in 1859.” FAIL
  • The unproven “Big Bang” theory, is propagated in our day primarily in order to provide the billions of years that evolution would need in order to take place.” SCIENCE FAIL
  • Science Magazine revealed that some shells of snails, though still alive when tested by Carbon 14 methods were dated to be 26,000 years old.” RESERVOIR EFFECT FAIL
  • “The geographic periodical Antarctic recently reported that a newly-killed seal when tested by Carbon 14 methods were dated to be dead for 1,300 years!” RESERVOIR EFFECT FAIL
  • “In the same sea near Hawaii, rocks were formed by a volcano only 200 years ago. They were dated by Potassium-Argon method to up to 22 million years old. Other rocks near Hualalei (Hawaii) are known to be formed by volcanic action in 1801. Potassium-Argon dated these young rocks at 160 million to 3 million years of age.”  FAIL
  • “If evolution were true, then species must produce new genes for the new creatures. But geneticists tell us that this never happens.” MORE FAIL
  • “If there is some type of mutation, it is usually harmful, often fatal.” FAIL
  • “Evolution is not an affirmation of scientific fact, it is a declaration of war against Christ, His Church and Christian civilization.” FAIL

Oh wait, that’s the entire article?  Really?

In other words: FAIL.


Not a fairytale.

Come on now.  Give it a bit of thought, huh, creationists?