The Greatest Show on Earth

Yesterday I attended the greatest show on earth!  Pun much intended, since the title of the event was actually “Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth”…

I came to the city of sails on a cheap flight, and I got the event ticket via an online auction… together that came to about 140 NZD.  My mother let me come under the condition that I would stay with my relatives for 1 week.  I even brought my school-book…  Nerd.  Anyway, I got away with it because I told her I was going to attend an education science event, which is no lie, to be honest.

Watching Professor Dawkins live is nothing like seeing him on YouTube, or anything like that.  The auditorium was fully packed, which is probably why I had to go through so much trouble in getting the ticket.  The place was so booked out that they had to open up a live screening in a lecture theatre downstairs, which is – meh – also booked out.  From what I’ve heard, the tickets sold out even before the event went public!

Because I arrived about 20-30 minutes early, I managed to get a pretty good seat.  Dawkins talked about a lot of things, none of which I actually intend to repeat here, because I can’t explain it as well as he does!

After the talk I got my books signed and shook his hand.  Yay me!

Mr Dawkins signing my copy.


On my way out it was raining slightly and I headed for the university car park, where my aunt was waiting for me.  On the street, four Polynesian guys were handing out some free books, and they approached me.  “Would you like a free book?” they asked.  And I thought, who wouldn’t want a free book?  So I took it.  The book was The Origin featuring a “special introduction” by Ray Comfort (I’ll pick Comfort apart in another post, not now).  Then one of them said, “I think very highly of you, buddy,” to which I seriously wanted to reply “Yeah, I like propaganda too,” but I didn’t because I didn’t want to get beaten up.  What a CHICKEN!