Why your god isn’t real, simplified.

1. Because you made it all up. – Primitive is as primitive does.  Yahweh the barbaric desert god.  Constantly demanding animal sacrifices, war, beheadings, circumcision and rape.  Oh, and why not slaughter those ugly infants.  But that’s perfectly moral when you put it into Biblical context!

2. Because the Invisible Pink Unicorn is real. – In other words, my imaginary friend is real, therefore yours isn’t.

3. Because his plan(s) sucked. – Let’s send my child down to earth to die on a wooden cross, so I could show how much I actually love my children…  He has to die so I could forgive the humans from the punishments which I myself invented in the first place.  Let’s enter a man’s dream and make him build a floating zoo, or let’s have a man living in a whale.  Holy shit what is that!!!  A TALKING SNAKE where the fack did it come from?

4. Because his followers are ignorant. – Yes, you — for rejecting science and logic just so you could keep your Bronze Age faith.  Yes, you, for taking an old novel literally.  No, the world was not created in 6 days 10,000 years ago.  No, man did not co-exist with Littlefoot.  No, the T-rex was not a vegetarian.  No, the Flintstones isn’t a documentary.  Yes, you’re so ignorant it isn’t even funny.

5. Because faith means making a virtue out of not thinking.  – Follow link