Cyclone hits Fiji.

So this is what our world has come to.  Everyday the headlines cry of turmoil, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes or tsunamis.  The wrath and fury of Allah finally hurled down upon us due to the sins of our forefathers.  Man has made it his choice to deny Allah and to work against his will.  How dare a man to deny his own creator?  How dare a man to go against his word?  Let us take these crises as but a warning, for more will come, and more lives shall perish.

We are sinned and disconnected from Allah the true god, and here we observe at the consequence.  “Disbelievers will wear garments of fire, boiling fluid will be poured on their heads, their bellies and skin will be melted, they will be tormented with iron hooks, and when they try to escape they will be driven back with the taunt: Taste the doom of burning.”  Scripture has distinctly warned us of death and agony.  “Allah will give disbelievers a little comfort for a little while, and then he’ll torment them forever with a heavy doom.”  The time of torment is now.  Repent or perish.  Allahu akbar.

Yawm al-Qiyāmah

I am offended by religion.  The question is, why aren’t you?