Ken Miller corrects creationist sticker.

I got this from an old video on Intelligent Design.  ID proponents suggested that the following sticker be placed on back of Ken Miller’s biology textbook:

This creationist sticker was actually approved by the county.  When questioned about his reaction, Ken Miller said, to the reporter’s surprise, that he actually liked the sticker.  However, he did come up with a more accurate disclaimer, which I have quoted below:

DISCLAIMER: “This textbook contains material on science. Science is built around theories, which are strongly supported by factual evidence. Everything in science should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered.”

Theories are to scientists higher than facts, because theories serve to explain the facts.  Every scientific theory, should it be evolution, gravity or atom theory, must always be approached by students with an open mind.  Science is not a discipline that seeks to close minds.  It does not build itself on certainties, but rather on the foundations of evidence.