I’ve figured out the meaning of my name.

Hey, have a read.  I’ve just figured this out!

Timothy – well, Timothy is obviously a Biblical name.  Timótheos came from the Greek word timē which means honour and theos which means god.  So Timothy means “honouring god”.  Lol, obviously.

Cooley – I couldn’t find this on the dictionary so I went to UrbanDictionary.com instead.  There, it says that Cooley is “a name for your ass or butt, mostly refered to the cheek areas and not the butt hole.”  I was terribly offended…

So, I think I’ve finally figured out the meaning of Tim Cooley.  It means: “Huh? Honouring God? My ass.”

… which is a fitting name for a guy like me if there ever was one… lol!