The Bible is a disgrace to morality.

Dear Christians,

Thanks for the invitation to heaven, but I have no particular desire to worship a vengeful, murdering, bloodthirsty god like Yahweh, as similarly I have no desire to worship Zeus, Vishnu or Allah, all of which are gods which you gladly deny, and all of which, Yahweh included, are a product of man’s inability to draw a line between fantasy and observable reality.

In your selfish trying to find objective meaning to life, you have elected without hint of skepticism an indissoluble belief in the tribesmen’s God of Genocide, whose idea of ‘morality’ could in our present zeitgeist only be considered anything but moral.  There simply could be no moral excuses or justifications for the immorality of the Bible, or worse, your propagating or defending it.

Regardless of context, Yahweh commanding the beheading of men, mass-murder of children and rape of women are acts which can never be justified morally.  How sickening your effort to defend a primitive novel.  How revolting your preaching it as “Truth” or your condemning people who don’t share your bronze-age belief to a lake of fire.  Your delusion is so immense that if heaven were real, I’d pick hell straight away as I otherwise I would have to put up with you guys for an eternity.  So wake up already, for God’s sake.