A Christian defends the Desert God of Death

A Christian said to me:

“First I would say to you that an unsaved or un-regenerated man (or woman) cannot understand the scriptures…the scriptures are revealed to the regenerated(saved) by the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, and then according to the maturity level of each. Most of what I read on evilbible.com was taken out of context or misinterpreted, which is common among nonbelievers….also I would like to point out that the bible does indeed record many atrocities, this however does not mean that GOD approves of such things. The bible is a history book as well as an instruction manual for righteous living. One more example: many point out that GOD is evil for advocating the killing of children…there is a reason for this….the nations these children were from, including their parents were completely given over to evil, and so if allowed to live their children undoubtedly would have also been given over to do evil, for they were indoctrinated by it. Because they were children at death and didn’t fully understand right from wrong they went right to heaven as they were not yet to the age of accountability in GODs eyes….”

Proving the point I made in my previous post quite succinctly:

“However, by now you should have realised that the Bible isn’t the most morally sound book around, but when challenged, always respond that the Bible must always be taken in context.  Obviously, there exists a context in which the rape of women and murder of children is permissible and righteous.”

To quote the Bible (out of context):

“I will release wild animals that will kill your children” (sadistic much) – “And if they give birth, I will slaughter their beloved children.” – “Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their fathers” (some justice that is) – “They will have no mercy on helpless babies” – “I will fill your mountains with the dead” – “Their wives raped by the attacking hordes” – “Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes” – “Show no compassion for the children.” – “Show no mercy; have no pity!” …

“Do not hesitate. Show no mercy…”
“It will be done, my Lord.”

You disgust me.  Go back to the barbaric world whence you came, and take your fucked-up religion with you.