I was never a Christian.

I have always been under the impression that I am entitled to rant about Christianity because I have been a Christian once myself.  Unfortunately, I was mistaken — and actually, I was never a Christian at all.

Raised in a Christian home, went to church every week, prayed at the dinner table, recited Biblical verses, talked to the Holy Spirit — been there, done that — but not a Christian.  Why?  Because I was a child.

No child is ever a Christian child, or an Islam child, or a Jewish child, or a Buddhist child.  Children are too young to make up their own minds on this matter and/or to take any religious position seriously.  Unable to think rationally and defend ourselves, we go through the motions as if we were little robots.  I mean, of course God exists; my mother and everyone else said so!

Sure enough, as soon as I hit the age of reason, 12, I became an atheist.  It is a stark tragedy that most of us will never break free from the oppressive, authoritarian shackles of delusion, with which by dint of sheer luck we happen to have been born.