Kent Hovind on Applications of Creation Science

  • Applications of Evolution (TalkOrigins, SkepticWiki): Bioinformatics; Agriculture; Phylogenomics; Sex allocation theory; Tracking the diversity of pathogens; Ribotyping; Determining protein folds; Evolutionary algorithms in aerospace engineering, architecture, astrophysics, data mining, drug discovery and design, electrical engineering, finance, geophysics, materials engineering, military strategy, pattern recognition, robotics, scheduling, and systems engineering; Automated evolution of functional molecules; The discovery of tetherin; Creation of live vaccines; Molecular phylogeny; Epidemiology; Identifying regulatory gene sequences; Statistical analysis of variance and linear regression (tools originally developed for evolutionary science now used in other fields); Antibiotic usage; Biostratigraphy…
  • Applications of Creation “Science” (Hovind): “I think when a doctor cuts open somebody to do an appendectomy, they would expect to find the appendix on roughly the same place on everybody they cut open, evidence that the designer has put it in the same place…”

You decide.