The Reason for Atheism

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Most theists don’t seem to realise that atheism does not necessarily say “there is no god”. It is a lack of belief in one, possibly owing to a lack of evidence.

there is no reason to assume that the universe needs to be created by an intelligent agent. Who or whatever that intelligent agent is, to not only create the universe but also keep it under 24/7 surveillance, it only follows that he is the ultimate irreducible complexity, if I may use the creationist argument (no, I don’t believe in the argument).

Any claims thereof that god is simple not complex, lives outside of space and time, etc are speculative — not even. There is no evidence to support any of these claims and we have seen many flaws in the cosmological argument.

If there is a god I am quite positive that he or she or it wouldn’t be one who is obsessed with animal sacrifice or circumcision. What primitive cultures have done is to try personify this god — not to mention, failing miserably.

Evidence seems to go against the idea of a designed universe or one which is specifically finetuned for life… Planets void of life. There is simply no good reason to assume design, but many reasons not to. The theory of evolution has shown us that the opposite of random chance is not design, but nonrandomness.

I do not know if god exists or not. There is no reason to say he does. The only non-logic here is to claim that there is a god, and his name is Yahweh… or Zeus for that matter.