The Flying Spaghetti Monster created God.

Yesterday I posted a picture of God being touched by his noodly appendage… Pondering this for a while, I came to a conclusion that God is so irreducibly complex that he must have had an intelligent designer.  Therefore FSM.

It takes even more faith to say that “God didn’t have to be created” or “God lives outside of space and time” than to say “God was created by an intelligent designer”.  God’s eye, which is like a 24/7 surveillance camera, is so complex that you must be stupid to say “It just happened by chance” or “It does not need to be created”; and if you are an ID proponent, you should know your own arguments better than this.

Therefore, God had an intelligent designer.  If God doesn’t think so, then he’s an immoral atheist (a fool), and he’s probably going to hell (and so will his Christian children — don’t forget original sin concept).  Also, since you cannot disprove FSM, then FSM must have created God.  Any questions?