Losing my faith in atheism.

Consider the following scenario: a newborn child opens his/her eyes for the very first time, and immediately he finds himself trapped in a room with no windows.  In this room, the child (hypothetically) lives for many years…  All his life he has never stepped outside, nor does he even know what the word “outside” means.  To him, “outside” is a catchall word for the imaginary, the unknowable and/or the non-existent.

But being by nature a curious child, he begins to explore his own little world.  He invents the ruler to measure every piece of furniture around him.  He begin to formulate hypotheses, and theories, hoping to explain and understand the things around him.  He is very satisfied with his findings…

Yet, unbeknownst to the poor lad (now in his early teenage years), there is still a completely different world outside — and it has always been there beyond the wall, behind which he shelters in his ignorance — alas, the child simply has no way of finding this other realm.  This strange world is far beyond his comprehension.  Beyond all mathematical formulae he has ever pondered.  Beyond all the scientific theories or laws which, unfortunately, only applies in his tiny little room.

Inside, there is no green, not a single mathematical formulae or a single scientific law for such a colour.  But outside, quite the unimaginable!  Outside, there is green everywhere…  And the sky, a vast blue canvas!  “How is this possible?” the child would have asked, “Not a single one of my theories could explain this!”

This child represents mankind, having been born into a giant, cosmic arena.  We are coming to possess a fairy good materialistic understanding of our surroundings.  We have constructed models for the universe, and have postulated how and when it all began.  But we are incapable of seeing beyond.  Arguably, we could already be knocking on the wall of the unknowable.  Today, scientists are now retreating to a multiverse theory, what I believe is perhaps at best an educated guess.  The theory seems to allow all sorts of new possibilities, most of which are fairly disturbing to the human mind.

So what have we done?  We have formulated naturalistic explanations for the natural world, but what if there is more to this entire picture than we could ever comprehend?  Is atheism then not but a leap of faith in the direction of naturalism and/or materialism?

The actual grandeur of the cosmos is far greater than what we have seen through the lenses of telescopes.  This realisation seems to push me into the direction of deism or pantheism.  The universe is a creation of incomprehensible mystery, more so than could be explained by our strict, naturalistic laws of science…  It is now clear to me, that our incapability to explain the mysteries of mysteries could only imply one thing, that to assume any position regarding the existence of god could only be an equal act of faith — and it is the faith in atheism which I now fully renounce.