A creationist tells me how to think.

Mesut Erz. (EarthPages.org): “It is true that God cannot be falsifiable, but that doesn’t mean that it is false… Secondly if you feel that life doesn’t have any meaning, then i disagree with that… My religion tells me that life is a test (not christianity), which makes perfect sense considering all the bad things that happen etc, but life is short and there are good things too…

Coming to science; Humans don’t have wings because we were created that way, we should have had wings if evolution was true (you’re not thinking objective)… Advantageous mutations should have stayed with us (Advantageous mutations are non-existent, that is another case)… How could have fish acquired lungs etc? Fish do not carry their weight in water, but they have to on land, how did skeletal structure come about?

Believing that evolution came about just by chance is wrong (statistics says so), so even if evolution (from one ancestor) was true, one would still have to believe that God is intervening in some way… I believe that Humans are very different from all other animals, because animals come to being and (somehow) know everything about life (start working after a little time), where as humans are the only creatures who has the ability to judge and choose…

I respect your beliefs but don’t constrict yourself into just what your parents have taught you… Learn other things, look into religions and YOU decide if they all are wrong or not…

If you try to be sincere and objective, I think you will find the ONE true religion…  Take care.”

* * *

General comments. I suspect that the Christian God is falsifiable, however, I hold that Intelligent Design is unfalsifiable.  Secondly, I never made any claims that life is meaningless, I only pointed out that his arguments for ID are logically unsound.  The second paragraph was wrong on so many levels (especially since the writer claims to be an undergraduate student majoring in genetics).  The third paragraph plainly attacks a strawman of evolution.  The claim that humans are the only creatures with the ability to judge and choose is also made from sheer ignorance.  That next sentence is so epic (and ironic) that I had to put it in bold type… frequent readers would know how fundamentally Christian my parents are.

Random fact of the day.

*Steaming with anger as I relaunch my personal crusade against creationism aka. theological lunacy*