The words Christians use (that sicken me).

In no particular order…

  • Wisdom. This word has lost all its meaning; it is thrown around casually among religious people.
  • Grace. Think starving children and person dying from prostate cancer.
  • Faith. Euphemism for making a virtue out of not thinking; a typical excuse for groundlessly believing in primitive fairytales.
  • Personal relationship with God. Euphemism for hanging out with your imaginary friend. 
  • Living for Jesus. Sounds kind of… queer, doesn’t it?
  • Truth. A true contradiction of Faith.
  • [God’s] unconditional love. Evident from the following Isaiah verse: “Have no mercy on the babies and show no compassion for the children…”
  • Judgment. Another way of saying “I’m going to heaven and you’re all going to hell.”
  • Free will. A concept highly incompatible with an omnipotent and omniscient God.
  • The Lord. Sounds a bit old-fashioned for my taste.
  • Worship. But don’t forget the goat for sacrifice.
  • Sin. Creationist’s favourite excuse for bad design. Appendix? Sin. Blond spot? Sin. Recurrent laryngeal nerve? Sin. Easy as pie.
  • Original sin. Sin just wasn’t enough.
  • Saviour. Saving the world from His own wrath.
  • Saved. Euphemism for being totally brainwashed.
  • Prayer. Certainly does not cure stupidity.
  • Repent. Make me.
  • Love your neighbours. Out of context, reread the Bible; turning people against each other is God’s favourite hobby.
  • Holy Scripture. See Qu’ran.
  • Prophecy. Gospel. Testimony. Salvation. Discipleship. Glory. Witnesses. Sermon. Creation. Test of Faith. Blessings. Evangelism. Eternal bliss. Ministries. Spiritual Gift. Apologetics. Worldview. Fuck, kill me already. Here’s a word for all you Christians, MYTH-O-LO-GY. Feel free to add it to your dictionary.

Anyways, this particular blogger seems to have it all sorted…

“A relationship with God means you received His Pardon and can now enjoy His Love for you, whereas an intimate relationship means that you can receive His Pardon, enjoy His Love and you can now Bless Him with your life instead of Him just blessing you! Intimacy with the Loving God is more than just asking Him to bless you, it is you asking Him, how can I bless you God? It is easy to say God bless me, not a bad thing by the way, but it is a totally different thing to say “Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.” Psalm 103:1 So God loves you and will forgive you all your sins if you repent! Then you can enjoy intimacy with the Only Holy God! Bless the Lord O my soul, Bless His Holy Name! O the beauty of an intimate relationship with the Living God through the Grace, Mercy and Love of Jesus Christ!”