You will die after eating spaghetti.

This is an actual ongoing debate on DDO.

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Freedo (Pro): Yes, it is true. After eating some spaghetti, you will die.

frenchmoose (Con): Ok.. so I suppose that I am here to oppose that fact that eating spaghetti will kill you.. I would like to point out to my opponent that spaghetti has feelings too and you just struck them with nail and hammer.


Freedo (Pro):  thank my opponent for accepting this debate. While it’s true that spaghetti has feelings, this is not what the debate is about.


You will indeed die after eating spaghetti(whether ethical or not) because all humans die and at least a relatively large group of people have eaten spaghetti, thus it can be concluded that death will occur at some point in time after for a person who has eaten spaghetti.


All humans die. No human has ever been known to live forever.
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People have eaten spaghetti. It is a well known dish in many countries that many have tried.
Spaghetti can be tracked back as existing since about the 12th Century. No human has even been known to live that long. The rational conclusion is that no one has ever survived after eating spaghetti.
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It would be very irrational, based on the facts, to believe you will not die after eating spaghetti.

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