Put your “Christian logic” to the test…

Your task is simple.  Determine which of these are actual events. This is not an open-book test and you may not use your Bible. Ready, set, go!

* * *

A child is born of a virgin.

A child is born of an egg.

Man walking on water.

Monkey flies through space.

Man flies into space.

Magic wine.

Magic bird.

Magic bird roasted in magic wine.

Man parts a sea.

Santa parts a very small chimney.

Man living in a whale.

Man living in a vegetarian Tyrannosaurus rex.

This is a generic Biblical unicorn.

This is an invisible pink unicorn.

This is a spaghetti.
He lives outside of space and time.
He was the prime mover of the universe.
(Prove that he isn’t!)

* * *

Wasn’t that hard, was it? How well did you score?