The things only a religious person could say.

From Y!A:

Q: Is having cancer in your family line part of a curse from god? You know generational curse that some said that god has put on the humans who disobey god word like this one church group i know?I was told that people get curses from not obeying god word.Is that true or not?

A1: I don’t think curses and God go together. Some believe that god has put them through something because he has greater plans or just to bring a family closer than they have ever been to each other.

A2: if you ever develop cancer due to a family line, perhaps see it as your personal test and struggle (everyone has them), dont blame god, rather use your faith to help to through it and to strengthen your faith?

A3: Yes it is true. But God will forgive anyone who repents of their sin and turns to Jesus.