Fail speaks for itself.

“This may be too long for many atheists to read and comprehend, but I will write anyway.

Despite all the holes with the theory of evolution, the theory of big bang, the theory of abiogenesis, atheists swear by it and ONLY want to believe in God after death.

So do you really think all these animals evolved from something?…

There are no 2 alike there. Scientists are baffled as to how the bombardier beetle withstands the boiling temps of 212 deg or how the sea cucumber melts! They evolved from what? Science has No answer, but like evolution, science can make educated guesses!

I looked up all science books. They all have missing information. So don’t say take a science class. It is okay to admit your clueless and don’t have answers. Not everyone is right.

4 billion people share the ISLAMIC/CHRISTIAN faith!

You know what the DEFAULT atheist answers is, and I will copy from my other posts their answers:


What is funny is we have 4000 species of animals on earth. I dont even know the insects amount. There are 1,017,018 species of insects in the world with some experts estimating that there just might be as many as 10 million species out there.. Evolution found about X amount of bones and decided to say we EVOLVED from everything!

In fact check this out:
Current fossil evidence indicates that modern humans evolved from a species called Homo erectus. Homo erectus appeared about 2 million years ago. Looking at the skull of Homo erectus, we know that its brain size was on the order of 800 or 900 cubic centimeters (CCs).

Modern human brain size averages about 1,500 CCs or so. In other words, in about 2 million years, evolution roughly doubled the size of the Homo erectus brain to create the human brain that we have today. Our brains contain approximately 100 billion neurons today, so in 2 million years, evolution added 50 billion neurons to the Homo erectus brain (while at the same time redesigning the skull to accommodate all of those neurons and redesigning the female pelvis to let the larger skull through during birth, etc.).

There are SO MANY animals left! hahahahah

Where are all the fossils for invertebrates? OH WAIT! They have no bones!!! LMAO

I do not need to PROVE God. You need faith and to open your eyes.

Why don’t you DISPROVE God instead! LMAO

You guys are SO dillusional. You actually think the MAJORITY of people who believe in God are the ones screwed up.”