How to respond to a dogmatic ignoramus.

Random Christian:
Athism I theory not believed by its supporters..!
Before stating my rational we have to define the definition of devine and why its should effect our code of justice.? The definition of devine that we all agree on ,is the intelactual source.!! This is agreed by all muslim christian,budhist,falon gong jewish etc.Also we need to agree how the devine ,is effecting. Or should be effecting our judgment and system of justice.Just how the world synergisticly designed by rules ..! Otherwise it would be able to exist.(For example if the distamce of world from the sun ,would be changed we would not be able to exist…!) So is everything else limited to rules and bound be them to be able to exist..! Like chemistry,madical,finance,art etc.World and its system designed to be fonctioning by rules. The rules are what is making the world function and prosper,in a natrual eviroment.!That’s also the case with us we are to prosper by the rules. The inteligant source designed for us to exist in and to prosper with..! This rules is natrual and desined to be fair and just..

Athists are themost ignerent an just plane stoopid peeple anyware.! thay say the LORD dusnt exist just becuse thay doent want to bileev in him.!.!! wen it is SO OBVUS!! just luke urownd you!!.