Constructive Criticism

A collection of some of the more constructive comments I have received:

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Kid this argument’s a little big for you. You’re barking at the big dogs and really don’t have anything to back you up. You’re 15. Thats just the truth. And from reading your stuff you’re a really confused 15 year old. Sometimes you say God can’t be true. Other times you say that He did something, so you can’t believe in Him. That makes no sense. that would be like your mom doing something you don’t like and you denying her existence. By your reasoning God has to exist.

Hey Tim, I know this is irrelevent to whether it it true or not, but just curious as to your answer. What meaningful, positive development to humankind has the study of evolutionary science gave us?

That’s because believing Darwinian creation myths to be true is generally irrational, ignorant and stupid.

If penguins came from flying birds, how come flying birds are still around today … hehehe i jest i jest. (haha)

Thank you for your work. I have been praying to Zeus three times daily for six months, and I have never been in better physical, emotional, and financial health. Zeus is indeed worthy of our worship and trust. I might add that fellow Greek, Criss Angel, is his only contemporary Son, put on this Earth to help everyone BELIEVE in themselves, and “magic.” Yours in Zeus,

This is a fabricated lie that you have posted about a verse of the Quran, it is phathetic, you are so young and filled with lies, to promote hate. There is no verse at all in the Holy Quran where God said “How dare you..”, you have proved yourself to be the biggest liar, loser and cheat on your own self made website … Congratulation!

In a round about way you all have given me my answer. Thank you for being fine examples of atheistic Darwinists.

Hey Tim, I have a simple question for you. If Christ Jesus is not really the creator God of the Bible and all the things in the Bible are obviously not true, why does it bother you so much we believe? Why do you rail against something that is a figment of our imagination?

Just what the world needs, another Richard Dawkins! Everyone loves an over inflated sense of intellect and the elementary ability to regurgitate The God Delusion and high school text books. Please spare us all. No one is impressed by the apparent grudge against creationists and ability to use a web blog. I’m sure is very proud =)

First glaring logical flaw is your first answer. Didn’t read further. You say evolution is not random because natural selection acts on an advantageous mutation and it is passed along. A ‘random’ advantageous mutation….

Well thanks for pointing out the stupid miracles to get your Atheistic point across. Your forgetting many miracles that haven’t been proved.

The cause of 9/11 isn’t religion either. Its more of political gain if you look back to what caused the hijackers to do it. Duhh. And Atheists aren’t perfect either… Look at the Fascist Georgian Stalin. But no, im not going to use that to put across that all atheists are stupid am i? Well that’s what it seems like here … Without some form of religion, many societies and nations will become corruptive. If you disagree, your ignorant to the facts.

An Atheist attempting to discern the Truths of God… is like an infant attempting quantum physics. :smile.’ Can’t be done. So, if I attempt to discuss God with you…my words will be as a foriegn language to you…and a waste of our time. Sorry if I offended you by commenting at your site. I’m about to click ‘unsubscribe.’

Tim, I claim to know God personally. Do you believe I am lying, crazy, both, or something else?

You think you know but someone has blinded you with the religion of atheism. You are the one with blind faith and speak nonsense. You need to learn before you speak

I don’t know. You are part of humanity….so when will you grow up? Or are you still at the “ape” stage? I honestly do not get the reasoning on this site.

The irony I find in this is that if Christianity isn’t true and God doesn’t exist, what’s there to protest against? Is it possible to protest or be against something that supposedly doesn’t exist?

Your whole understanding of everything is based on what you have no doubt read about either in books or on the internet, you have not done tests yourself and drawn conclusions from them but instead have relied on other people’s information. You are merely a 15 year old child, who thinks he knows everything there is to know, who is on a mission to try and rid the Earth of Creationist views and, i’m afraid, you will fail. You are to young and inexperienced to possibly have any type of firm belief (and yes, atheism is a belief) at all. I suggest that you take a break and open your mind to things other than evolution and atheism.  

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Thanks so much for your comments. Keep them coming.