I hereby destroy an article by Douglas Jones.

The article is called Why & What, A Brief Introduction to Christianity. You may find it here.

Let’s begin.

Could you be radically mistaken in your non-Christian outlook? It looks likely. You profess non-Christianity, but assume Christianity. Think about Christ’s work the next time you go to buy some milk.

Milkers exist.

“But non-Christians can be even more hypocritical. They claim to be very confident that there is no judge, courtroom, or any law, but they spend their whole lives revealing that they know that the judge is really sitting there watching.”

Judges exist.

“For example, non-Christians committed to the mythology of evolution, an impersonal cosmos grinding out valueless, buzzing matter, still chirpily insist on human rights, the value of all living things, and universal rules of reason and toleration.”

We created human rights.

“If a non-Christian view of things is true, then there is no reason for respecting others, loving our children, opposing injustices, feeling guilty, preferring truth, reasoning, or staying alive. Non-Christians do all these things, and all these things and more testify to their knowledge of the true God. Hypocrisy seems to overwhelm them. Their own lives so clearly reveal that they know their views are false and that Christianity is true.”

1. False dichotomy – Jesus is not the only source of moral teachings in the world.

2. I will suggest to you that morality is a natural consequence of evolution.

Faith and reason are not enemies but identical.  They both seek conformity to the highest rule of truth … Christianity rejects blind faith and calls us to bow before the Christian God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph — the supreme standard of thought and life, to whom all rational people ought to conform.”

A common property does not imply identicality.

“According to popular, twentieth-century dogma, no thinking person is supposed to reject the theory of evolution, the view that living things developed gradually as a result of the interaction of chance and selection. But the mythology behind evolutionary theory is very old, and biblical faith has always battled this religion.”

The Evolution Myth

The Scientific Opposition: Biblical Creation

“In its biblical context, the truth of creation — God’s creation of the world and its inhabitants, out of nothing, by the power of His command alone — reveals much to us about the nature of the Christian God.”

The faith-based “truth” of creation.