A random pastor explains tithing.

First of all, I had a horrible week. I felt like doing a big rant earlier, but I guess I’ve calmed down, a bit.

I’ve forgotten what a religious person my uncle is, but I found out the hard way.  During my stay with him I got to say grace a few dozen times and did like 20 hours at church.  But I don’t usually mind going to church.  I go so you don’t have to.  I die for your sins, on a weekly basis.

Two Sundays ago the pastor talked about tithing.  He was saying how it was on the news that people think church is a scam.  The pastor made it extremely clear that “we are not telling you that you have to give us money.”  Then he furthered his argument, something along the lines of:

The Bible makes it fairly clear that people should tithe, a one-tenth of your income.  I as a pastor can only tell you what the Bible says.  I cannot tell you to tithe, that is your decision…  It is your own choice whether you wish to follow God’s words or not. (insert random guy in audience yelling out “AMEN” here).

Listening to this pastor’s argument was like watching Snowy (my dog) chasing his own tail.  Go figure.

On a different note, it was on 3 News the other night about the “There is probably no God” campaign which has finally found its way to New Zealand.  Anyway, we were having dinner and upon seeing the news my uncle was like “Ignorant fools”, and I was kinda like “Yeah, totally.”

I might rant later, about Christians in general.  I can’t at the moment, because some dude named Jesus is still stuck in my throat, after being shoved down there by my very own uncle who I really used to think was a decent man.