LMFAO busted!!!

<Fiat_Lux> Why should I accept Islam as the truth–give compelling evidence– circular arguments don’t count–like Islam is the truth because Islam says so….
<Tim> LOLL
<Tim> LMAO
<Tim> i burst out laughing
<Skepticose> LOL Fiat_Lux, that summarizes the arguments you have for Christianity. It’s always amazing to me how religionists have no problem seeing the flaws in other religions but are completely blind to their own.
<Fiat_Lux> not the issue
<Fiat_Lux> don’t change the subject

Damn hypocrite.

<Skepticose> Fiat_Lux, you have in the past “proven” to me that the bible is true by quoting it saying so. Why couldn’t you see the circular reasoning then?
<Fiat_Lux> correction, I have used the Bible and it is verified by history, archaeology, science, and hundreds of verified fulfilled prophecies
<Skepticose> No you haven’t Fiat_Lux. You have REJECTED any field of science that contradicts the bible, including paleontology, evolutionary biology, geology, astronomy and cosmology. You’ve started with the assumption that the bible is true, and then used it to reject any science that contradicts it. So to turn around and claim that science supports the bible is completely circular and using your standards, a tautology.